Our ERASMUS+ Projects

EUROPASS Teacher Academy cares about the European dimension of nowadays’ education. For this reason, we:

  • Plan and manage further education activities within the framework of the ERASMUS+ Program of the European Union and organize training activities in Italy and in Europe;
  • Encourage meetings among European teachers and institutions, as well as sharing of good practices;
  • Guide schools step by step in the application of Erasmus+ mobility projects;
  • Help schools to find new partners to collaborate in common projects based on the exchange of good practices and the idea of learning from each other;
  • Assist schools and institutions in designing training courses that can fulfill their needs and in completing each part of the application form for ERASMUS+ Key1 Grants;
  • Participate in the European Project with school and institutions from all over Europe about current and new didactic methods. (see below).

Our current ERASMUS+ projects

  • Teachers – Leaders – Teachers as Leaders and Trendsetters of Changing – A 3 year partnership among European schools and training centres, about the definition of the Teachers as a Leaderm and developing training courses for Teachers. (Partners from Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania and Turkey). Soon we will publish more information.
  • Best 4 Languages – A 2 year partnership among European language schools aimed at improving the competences of the schools’ managers, improving the school’s internationalization, and improving the quality of leanguage teaching. (Partners from Romania, Poland, Germany, Italy and Slovenia). Soon online further information.
  • ICT4LWUL: technology based methods for teaching Less Widely Used Languages – A 2 year partnership among European language schools about the implementation of ICT solutions and guidelines for language learning and teaching (the ones directly involved in this project are Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian). If you wish to know more, have a look at the dedicated Facebook page.
  • EUROPASS Teacher Training Seminars – Europass is partner of several schools in Europe, with the aim of delivering quality courses to their teachers and staff. If you are willing to cooperate with us, don’t hesitate to get in contact: we can help you in designing a good project focusing on nnovative and current teaching methods and strategies, as well as focusing on school managing and any other topic relevant for your institution.

Our Projects concluded in previous years:

Griftis: “Divided we fall, together we stand: improving strategies in European schools and teacher training centres, to prevent bullying and discrimination across Europe”: project for the exchange of good practices in school education with partners from Italy, Finland, Greece and Spain.

MOVET – Movies For Vocational Education and Training – A “Transfer of Innovation Project” for testing and implementing a language teaching method based on the realization of short movies with students. The project is partially supported by the EU through Leonardo da Vinci funds.

• PractiCAL – Practice Culture and Language – International partnership for the exchange of ideas, information and methods concerning the teaching of the less widely used and less spoken languages of the EU. The project has been funded by the EU through Grundtvig funds.

Cill – Creativity in Language Learning – An international partnership aiming to exchange, test and adapt innovative and creative teaching methods for foreign languages. The project has been funded by the EU through Leonardo da Vinci funds.

Procedimientos da Acogida – An international partnership aiming to study, compare and improve welcoming and monitoring methods for students at risk of social exclusion. The project has been funded by the EU through Grundtvig funds.

New Generation 50+ – An international partnership trying to investigate the learning needs of the population over 50 and develop new didactical methods. The project has been funded by the EU through Grundtvig funds.

Learning Italian through Movie Making – An innovative workshop in which participant learn the Italian language writing a script, acting, filming and editing a short film entirely in Italian. The workshop has been funded by the EU through Grundtvig funds.

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