We offer Erasmus Plus KA1 courses specifically aimed at language teachers who would like to learn new language teaching methods, and perhaps refresh their knowledge of and practice the language that they teach. There are a variety of language options with courses available in all our main course locations.

The classes are available for a weekend, one week or two weeks depending on the course, and are also available outside the Erasmus Plus programme.

Two weeks

Italian Language

A 2 Week ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course about Italian Language and Culture. Available in Florence.

CLIL for Teachers

2 week ERASMUS + seminar to empower English language skills and develop CLIL methodologies for teachers of all classroom subjects

CLIL für Lehrer

2 Wochen ERASMUS + Seminar zur Vertiefung der Sprachkenntnisse und Einführung in die CLIL Methoden für Lehrer aller Fachbereiche

CLIL para Profesores

Curso de 2 Semanas: Curso Intensivo de Español y Metodología CLIL para Profesores en el Marco del Programa Erasmus+

Insegnante Italiano

30 lezioni teoriche + 30 ore di tirocinio

Creative Classroom

A 2 week teacher training seminar whithin the framework of the ERASMUS+ Program

Erasmus plus Teacher Training Course

A combined 2 week ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course