Advance Weekend TEFL

A 20 hour professional development course in TEFL for already practicing English Language Teachers in collaboration with Teaching English in Italy

The Advanced TEFL Weekend course is a follow up course to the Weekend TEFL and includes all new materials.  It has been created for English or other language teachers who are seeking to improve upon their current teaching practices.

In just one weekend, you'll learn more about warm-up activities, student-centered learning, communication through interaction, pair and group work review, Task Based Learning (TBL), ideas for teaching Pronunciation, Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Content Based Instruction (CBI), Contextualized Grammar and Activities, Classroom Management Solutions, Feedback, Assessment, Rubric Development, and Peer Observation.

 Get a glimpse of our Weekend TEFL course in Florence

 10 reasons to sign up for the Advanced Weekend TEFL in Florence course:

  • Earn a TEFL certificate (20 hours)
  • Learn more about language teaching
  • Engage in teaching practice with peers
  • Improve language teaching skills
  • Gain access to materials and resources
  • Meet highly qualified and experienced
  • Receive valuable advice on teaching
    in Italy and abroad
  • Pay an affordable price for great training
  • No prior teaching qualifications necessary
  • Convenient downtown Florence location

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course details - Florence - FI.ADVWE

  • Schedule: Friday 14:00 - 18:00; Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 18:00;
  • Length of the course: 20 hours;
  • Number of participants: max. 10;
  • Next Dates 2019: June 21-23; October 25-27; 
  • Price: € 250,00


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