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Nafplio is the most beautiful town in the area of the Argolis Gulf in eastern Peloponnese as well as one of the most romantic cities all over Greece.

The town was an important seaport held under a succession of European royal houses in the Middle Ages, held initially by the De la Roche following the Fourth Crusade before coming under the Republic of Venice (referred as Napoli di Romagna) and lastly the Ottoman Empire.

The town was the first capital of the Kingdom of Greece, between 1821 and 1834. Nafplio maintains a traditional architectural style partly influenced by the Venetians (1338-1540) with many preserved colorful buildings and houses.  

We offer courses in Nafplio from the beginning of July to the end of August. All our Courses in Nafplio will be held in the National Gallery - Department of Nafplio 

All the courses offered in Nafplio include: 1 Nafplio Guided Tour, 1 Full Day Excursion to be chosen among the following: - Ancient Mycenae and ancient theater of Epidaurus - Hydra and Spetses Island.

Any other course can be offered in Nafplio upon request. 


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How to reach Nafplio

In order to reach Nafplio you can fly to: Athens National Airport or to Kalamata Airport

Please contact us for further information and details about the travel. 

Hotels in Nafplio 

Nafplio offers excellent traditional accommodations in reasonable prices:

Kapodistrias Hotel (available single room from 45 euros)

Hotel Dias (available single room from 45 euros)

Agamemnon Hotel (available single room from 50 euros)

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