Travel Across Europe

Enrol in our training courses in Europe while traveling across different European cities

Do you fancy the idea of traveling across Europe while taking care of your professional development?
Or, would you like to live in a foreign city for a few months?
In fact, our offer of training courses in Europe will allow you to realize exactly these expectations.

Write to us (, or contact us on Facebook asking to design a study program suited to your needs! We usually reply within 24 hours.

We may indicate what courses you can take in the same city to satisfy your learning needs. Or we may suggest an itinerary across Europe to profit from the most engaging chances of professional development in every city.

In fact, our courses are held in our headquarter in Florence, but also in Barcelona, Dublin, Berlin, Athens, Verona, Tenerife, Oulu and many other wonderful European cities. If you apply for a study program and take our training courses in Europe, you will really experience Europe in the most intense way while taking care of your professional development.

Check our other proposals for customizing your learning experience:

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