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Looking for a course on a specific subject?
Need a course offered in a language other than English?
Do you represent a group of teachers?
Ask us to design your own course on demand!

We’ll do our best to design a course that meets your specific needs and interests. Write us (, or contact us on Facebook. We usually reply within 24 hours.

We are the largest provider of teacher training courses in Europe, with a network of schools in 20 European cities and a catalog of over 200 courses!

We constantly update our courses and often create new courses on current topics. We would be happy to design a customized course to meet your specific needs. Upon request, we offer many courses in languages other than English. We are also experienced in organizing activities for groups of teachers from the same country or institution.

We are deeply motivated to deliver high-quality, innovative courses, in an effort to encourage meaningful collaboration and fruitful exchanges among educators of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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