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21st Century Skills for Teachers and Students

Discover new methods to help your students meet, not only the requirements of their educational curriculum, but also those of the modern, increasingly faster society.

From STEM to STEAM Education: a New Learning Approach

Description To keep pace with complex societies and jobs, educational environments should provide students with learning opportunities that integrate a variety of disciplines and skills. There has been an increased investment in multidisciplinary initiatives in…

Learning Outside the Classroom in Finland

Description In Finland, we believe that learning happens everywhere: you can capture it in-and-outside the classroom. Our principle is: every place is a place to learn! Accordingly, the Finnish curriculum encourages schools to get out…

Game Design for Teaching and Learning

Description Student motivation is becoming increasingly challenging in contemporary education. Technology has created an instant gratification culture, where students are accustomed to receiving immediate feedback and rewards. Moreover, students often do not perceive how proposed…

5 Steps to Improve Teaching and Learning

Develop an understanding of the notions of formative feedback and active learning in the context of student-centered learning methods, and discover how to develop a plan to introduce changes to your curriculum to avoid ineffective teaching.

Introducing Sustainability Through Game-Based Learning and Gamification

Description Conversations over environmental issues and the urgency to act for sustainable development are more significant than ever in today’s education. However, implementing sustainability-oriented lesson plans in the classroom may be extremely challenging for teachers…

Student-Centered Classroom: Teachers as Promoters of Active Learning

Description This course has been created for teachers who want to learn more about managing an effective and up-to-date classroom that encourages participation and engaged learning using the latest techniques. Through interactive activities, participants will…

Brain-Based Learning: Understand How Students Really Learn

Discover ways to improve and accelerate teaching and to ensure long-lasting knowledge retention by questioning conventional teaching methods and replacing them with fun and creative practices that promote student engagement.

Case-Based Learning (CBL)

Learn to apply Case-Based Learning in your classrooms and school subjects, as well as in interdisciplinary projects to increase students’ curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving, and promote an active learning environment.