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Integrating AI in the Classroom With Critical Thinking

Gain the knowledge and skills to embrace your role in an AI-driven world and utilize AI tools to enhance student learning. Learn practical strategies for identifying struggling students, creating intelligent tutoring systems, and automating tasks like grading.

Effective Pedagogies for 21st-Century Learning

Learn how to embrace new pedagogical practices to effectively promote the acquisition of soft skills in mainstream education. Explore practical know-how on four fundamental student-centered approaches.

Project-Based Learning (PBL): Make Students’ Learning Real and Effective!

Discover Project-Based Learning and an array of strategies to integrate into the curriculum using the latest tools and techniques. Create and carry out your own PBL project to boost student engagement and assure long-lasting retention of knowledge.

Project-Based Learning for Pre-school

Discover PBL through inspiring examples and learn how to incorporate it into your teaching. Identify tools for preschool students and become a mentor promoting problem-solving, critical thinking, autonomy, collaboration, and 21st-century skills.

Project-Based Learning for Primary School

Deepen your knowledge about PBL. Discover which tools are best for the students, how to effectively evaluate their learning, and how to be a good mentor in order to promote critical thinking, autonomy, collaboration, and other 21st-century skills.

Mastering Project, Task, Problem, and Competency-Based Learning

Develop an understanding of project-based, thinking-based, problem-based, and competency-based learning approaches. Learn to seamlessly integrate these methods into teaching practices, empowering students with practical skills.

ChatGPT and Basic AI Tools

Explore the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence in education to empower teachers to use basic AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to enhance teaching and learning. Learn how to use AI tools to decrease the workload.

Introduction to the Finnish Education Model

Gain a better understanding of Finland’s progressive style of teaching and practical methods. Explore various student-centered approaches that make teaching and learning more holistic.