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Art as Therapy: Self-Expression and Special Needs in Art Education

Acquire an understanding of the therapeutic power of visual arts and their importance in teaching students with special needs.

Art, Music, and Dance Therapy for an Inclusive Classroom

Discover the power of creativity for creating an inclusive classroom and fostering motivation, autonomy, self-esteem, participation, and collaboration.

Introducing Yoga in Primary Schools

Learn how to introduce young students to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness by developing an understanding of their holistic approach to wellness and its health benefits for physical and mental health.

Playtime and Downtime for Teachers and Students: the Psychology of Time to Feel Good and Do Good!

Gain an understanding of playtime and downtime concepts. Develop cognitive, social, problem-solving, and resilience skills through new activities and regular rest, preparing yourself for new tasks and challenges.

Bring Mindfulness to Your Class with Practical Activities and Museum Visits

Discover the most interesting mindfulness programs currently used in schools. Learn how to introduce children and teens to mindfulness practice with playful and imaginative visual-based activities.

Drawing and Painting in Barcelona: Everyone is an Artist!

Acquire a set of drawing and painting techniques to use in your private or in your school life. Gain more confidence in your artistic capacities and discover how to incorporate creativity into your teaching practice in a non-judgmental way.

Music Activities to Stimulate Emotion, Creativity and Engagement

Experience the power of music and learn how to use it to meet the students’ needs. Discover how to include music in the classroom to develop cognitive and emotional abilities by implementing the principles of music psychology and music therapy.