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Founded by Greek settlers in 470BC, Naples is steeped in over 2,800 years of history. The many notable works of art and architecture scattered about the city all pay testament to the city’s historical heritage. The architectural styles vary, and range from Medieval, to Baroque and Renaissance. Having been the principal port of southern Italy, Naples still remains the centre of meridional commerce and culture. This spellbinding city is located in southern Italy, 120 miles from Rome, and lies between to volcanic regions. With Mount Vesuvius to the East and Pozzuoli to the west, this picturesque city demonstrates why the Romans nicknamed Naples ‘Campania Felix’ (the happy land). Due to its geographic location, other notable cities such as Sorrento, Pompei and the Amalfi Coast as well as the islands of Ischia, Procidia and Capri, can all be easily reached from Naples.

7 Best things to do in Naples

1) Castel Dell’Ovo

Named by Virgil, Castel Dell’Ovo (Castle of the Egg) is Napoli’s oldest castle, dating back to the 6th Century BC. Legend has it that the famous Roman scribe buried an egg where the castle stands, warning that if the egg were to break, the castle and Naples would fall – hence its name. Take a trip to Castel Dell’Ovo for some stunning views of Napoli.

2) Visit the ruins of Pompeii

The ancient city of Pompeii which is now buried under 4-6 meters of Volcanic ash, is located very near Naples. Today, you can explore this captivating city which was devastated by the volcanic eruption in 79AD. You cannot miss this opportunity to visit the ruins left behind by such a fascinating civilization.

3) San Gennaro Catacombs

The San Gennaro Catacombs are paleo-Christian worship sites located underground and split between two levels. The lower-level dates back to the 3rd-4th century and contains roughly 3000 burrials! The tombs are lined on either side of the walls which are carved out of tuff, a porous stone. Take a trip to the San Gennaro Catacombs and get a real insight into Napoli’s history.

4) Piazza del Plebiscito

This famous piazza, constructed in 1809, is the main square in Napoli. It is surrounded by notable architectural pieces including the Royal Palace and the Basilica Royal. Today, the Royal Palace is used as a museum and is therefore a hotspot for visiting tourists.

5) Capella Sansevero

This chapel was constructed in 1590. Although it has a simple exterior, its interior is truly magical and is home to several famous works of art, namely: the Veiled Christ and Pudicizia – both constructed in the 18th century.

6) Naples Cathedral

Undoubtedly the main church in Napoli. Naples Cathedral is a clear example of the city’s historic heritage, as it dates back to the 13th Century! It merges together several different artistic styles – Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque – and is a must-see when visiting the city.

7) Climb mount Vesuvious

Mount Vesuvious, the legendary volcano that erupted in 79AD and caused the destruction of the ancient city of Pompeii and Herculaneum, stands exactly 6 miles from Naples. Climbing the mountain is perfectly safe and would offer you the most amazing views of the city.

Our Cultural Activities

The following free time activities are included in the price of the courses in Naples:

  • one guided tour of the city
  • one full-day excursion (on Saturday)

About the Training Centre in Naples

All our courses in Naples will take place either in the Morning (9:00 13:45) or in the Afternoon (14:00 – 18:45) depending on classroom and trainer availability.

Our Academy is located on 96 Via Milano, just a few steps from the central station in Naples and the metro. The historical center (a UNESCO heritage site with all the main churches and monuments) is just two stops away by metro (or around 20 minutes on foot).

You can also reach Piazza Municipio by metro where there is the port of Naples to reach the Gulf islands (Capri, Ischia, and Procida) or the National archaeological museum which is considered one of the most important archaeological museums in the world, if not the most important as far as Roman art is concerned.

How to reach us

Address: 96 Via Milano, Naples

By plane:

From Naples airport: Alibus towards Piazza Garibaldi (the central station) 5 euros

By train:

Via Milano is situated just a few meters away from the Naples Central station

By metro:

Take the metro line 1 or 2. The stop is Piazza Garibaldi. The ticket costs 1.10 euro.

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