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A Happy Lesson: Valuable Tips to Create a Joyful Classroom10 Jul 20232023-07-10Confirmed1Register here »
A Happy Lesson: Valuable Tips to Create a Joyful Classroom11 Sep 20232023-09-11Confirmed1Register here »

About the Training Centre in Cefalù

All our teacher training courses in Cefalù will take place either in the Morning (9.00-13.45) or in the Afternoon (14.00-18.45) depending on classroom and trainer availability.

Our school address is IDCT – International District for Congress and Tranining Via Costa, 63 – 90015 Cefalù (PA)

Further information on our academy will be provided after the confirmation of the course.

Our Cultural Activities

All our Erasmus courses in Cefalù include in the price of the course one half-day or full-day activity.

Usually, we offer to choose among:

  • Guided Hike in Parco Naturale della Rocca
  • Winery Tour with Tasting
  • Sailing Boat Excursion
  • Cefalù cooking lessons
  • Fishing excursion

Further information on our activities will be provided after the confirmation of the course.

Cefalù and Surroundings

Located between the middle of the Tyrrhenian coast and the foothills of the Madonie Nature Reserve, Cefalù retains clear traces of all the cultures to have occupied it, from the Greeks, to whom it owes its name, to the Romans, the Arabs, and most notably the Normans. They oversaw its rise to being one of the most important population centers in southern Italy.

Today Cefalù is a town strongly geared towards tourism, offering its visitors a varied choice of gastronomy, numerous craft shops and small boutiques, well-equipped beaches, and accommodation facilities to suit all budgets. 

The city enjoys a mild climate in winter with temperatures rarely dropping below 8°, while in autumn they are stable between 14° and 18°. In spring it is always between 20° and 25°. The highest temperatures occur between mid-June and August, especially on days when the Sirocco, the warm southern wind, blows in from North Africa (on average over 35°).

Best Things to Do in Cefalù

1) The Old Town

In addition to the Arab-Norman cathedral, a Unesco site since 2015, in the historic Old Town you can admire the Osterio Magno, the ancient residence of the King, and the medieval washhouse where the waters of the underground Cefalino river flow. 

2) The Ancient Molo

One of the town’s most emblematic places is undoubtedly the ancient Molo (or pier), with the picturesque Porta Pescara (the only one of the old city gates still standing) and the little beach that has been the star of several TV commercials and films. It was also chosen by the Oscar-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore for a famous scene in his “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso“.

3) Mandralisca Museum

The Mandralisca Museum houses the private collection of works of art and ancient coins belonging to Baron Enrico Pirajno di Mandralisca, including the famous Portrait of an Unknown Sailor by Antonello da Messina, whose enigmatic smile has been compared by many to Leonardo’s Mona Lisa.

4) Beaches

Cefalù has a splendid seafront promenade, running alongside around 2km of fine sandy beach. This alternates between free ’public’ beaches and several lidos, or private beach clubs. It is perfect for all ages and especially for families with children. Lovers of wild beaches can visit the nearby Kalura bays, ideal for diving enthusiasts, or the beaches in the Mazzaforno and Salinelle districts.

5) The Rocca

A must-do experience is certainly a visit to the Rocca Nature Park. Backpacking and walking in comfortable shoes, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the city, visit the Temple of Diana (5th century B.C.) and climb to the top to discover the ruins of a medieval castle. 

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