Language Teacher Refresher Course for Already Practicing Foreign Language Teachers (TFL)


This TFL course has been created for language teachers who want to learn more about effective student-centered teaching methods and develop their knowledge about current language teaching approaches.

Participants will learn more about incorporating Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology into their lessons and participate in the sharing of best practices. 

Emphasis will be placed on Task-Based Learning (TBL), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Content-Based Instruction (CBI), the use of authentic materials and realia, student versus teacher roles, effective pair and group work, classroom management, pronunciation activities, contextualized grammar teaching, constructive error correction, and the best ways to provide feedback

By the end of this TFL course, participants will have gained important competencies in how to maintain student motivation and learned how to create and maintain an effective language learning environment in their own classroom. Teachers will also be given ideas for continuing their own professional development after the course.

Concept by: Sheila Corwin

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