Positive Mindset and Well-Being in Schools

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This course is focussed on enhancing a positive approach to education, and promoting well-being and happiness within the school environment.

Participants will learn how to develop their positive thinking whilst being introduced to key concepts of positive psychology. They will be presented with international theories and research which will add substance to their practical exercises. They will practice positive communication with themselves, their students and colleagues, learning how to convert negative, disruptive, un-effective communication into a virtuous circle of positive relationships, referring also to graphic design as a positive visual communication tool. As a fundamental element of the course participants will also be introduced to mindfulness, which wil enable them to clear their minds, boost self-awareness and focus on their goals.

Participants will also expand to the surrounding environment, the school, to learn about the importance of positive design, architecture, decoration in and outside the classroom, inspired by design psychology principles and driven by the peculiarity of each country and case. They will be invited to design a personal project based on positive education to share with their colleagues once they go back to school.

Learning Outcomes

The course will help the participants to:  
  • Practice and enhance positive thinking, reduce negative self-criticism, practice gratitude, humor and mindfulness;
  • Practice positive communication with themselves, students and colleagues, and will be able to share it concretely once back to school; 
  • Create a positive, pleasant environment in and outside the classroom through sustainable design and decoration principles; while creating a project for themselves and for the school based on positive design possibly applicable once to school; 
  • Secure an understanding of Positive Psychology fundamentals through relevant international theories and references;
  • Use mindfulness as an opportunity to train your mind, focus your attention on the present, relax, achieve goals, and boost a certain level of self-awareness.


  • Teachers: primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs
  • Teacher trainers;
  • Careers officers, educational guides and counsellors;
  • Headteachers;
  • Principals;
  • Managers of schools/organisations offering Language education.

Head teacher of Arts and Wellbeing Courses: Susan Gagliano

Is there any doubt you want to clarify? Contact us (teachertraining@europass.it or by Facebook); we will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.


  • Lessons: classes will take place in the Morning (9:00 – 13:45) or in the Afternoon (14:00 – 18:45).
  • Activities: if not otherwise specified all courses includes at least one guided city tour and one full-day excursion (usuallly on Saturday).
  • Price: 820€

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Not a EU teacher? This course is for you too!

Although our courses are designed with the European Union Erasmus + program in mind, they are also open to teachers from all non-E.U. countries. Over the last few years we have welcomed increasing numbers of teachers from the USA and Japan, among others.

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