Intensive English and Classroom Management

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Are you a teacher looking to strengthen your Classroom Management skills? Do you need some practice communicating in English? Then this combo-course is for you!

In the first week, you’ll upgrade your English language skills in an Intensive English course, tailored to your language level. Then, in the second week, you’ll complete your teacher training in Classroom Management, discovering a variety of engaging tools and instructional methods to improve the dynamics of your classes.

Course structure

Week 1: Intensive English (levels A2, B1, or B2)

25 hours of practical, engaging group lessons, that will refresh and build your general knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary, as well as make you feel more confident in your real skills: reading, writing listening, and speaking (which you will practice further in the second week).

Week 2: Classroom Management

No matter how experienced an educator is, the “menu” s/he offers to students should always be open to updates and improvements, especially in our changing times and societies, which challenge teachers to respond to young people’s more complex needs.

During this course week, you’ll get new ideas to improve classroom dynamics and you’ll discover creative ways in which to boost your students’ motivation and cooperation.

In addition to that, you’ll analyse a variety of instructional strategies and will design solutions, tasks and lesson plans to use with your own students. Emphasis will be placed on the Flipped Classroom approach, Project and Task-Based Learning methodologies, as well as on a variety of assessment strategies.

By the end of the two weeks, you’ll have gained confidence in your English language skills as well as your control of the classroom.

You’ll return home with new ideas and tools for encouraging positive communication in the educational environment, for establishing clear classroom rules, and to encourage class participation.

Finally, you’ll have explored new teaching methods, and developed a variety of practical activities that will sustain students’ motivation, competences and deep learning.

Learning outcomes

The course will help the participants to:

  • Improve their communication skills in English;
  • Make their writing in English more clear and fluid;
  • Speak in English correctly, and with proper pronunciation;
  • Read English text of a complexity appropriate to the course level;
  • Understand spoken English;
  • Deal with challenging classroom dynamics through reflections and collaborative solutions;
  • Give clear instructions, organize pair and group work, and promote positive relationships;
  • Motivate students and sustain their learning through a variety of instructional methods;
  • Organize a Flipped Classroom experience;
  • Design Task-based and Project-based learning activities;
  • Assess students’ progress and provide feedback using portfolios, rubrics, and other evaluation tools.

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