Discovering Art Nouveau in Nancy

Concept by Léo Villaume

Table of Contents


Located in North-east France, Nancy is a city with the utmost culture and architecture. Its beautiful Stanislas square ranks amongst the 5 most beautiful squares in the world, and it is one of the French cities with the most historical monuments.

Nancy is also worldwide famous for the “Ecole de Nancy”, an Art Nouveau movement that was initiated in the town in the late 19th century, known for its use of organic forms and nature-inspired motifs.

Some notable examples of Art Nouveau architecture and design elements that visitors can see there include:

  • The Villa Majorelle, designed by Hector Guimard, a prominent Art Nouveau architect. The villa features a unique blend of traditional and modern elements, with flowing lines and organic shapes;
  • The École de Nancy Museum, which showcases the work of the École de Nancy art movement;
  • The Place Stanislas, a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring intricate wrought ironwork and ornate fountains. The square is surrounded by elegant Art Nouveau buildings, including the Grand Hôtel;
  • The Opera, with a striking façade, a grand staircase, and a colorful stained-glass dome.

Many other examples are to be found throughout the city, such as private houses and apartment buildings, making Nancy a great destination for anyone interested in Art Nouveau architecture and design.

Would you like to see it with your eyes? Come to Nancy, and discover its cultural heritage!

During the week, you’ll meet the likes of Emile Gallé, the Majorelle family, Daum, Victor Prouvé, and many others. You will also learn what Art nouveau is, and how it translates in the world of art and our surroundings.

Learning outcomes

The course will help the participants to:  

  • Provide historical context for topics concerning Art nouveau, naturalism, and the Ecole de Nancy;
  • Guide students in the interpretation of artworks to strengthen their visual thinking skills;
  • Lead students in art activities inspired by classical works of art.

Tentative schedule

Day 1 – Defining Art Nouveau

  • Introduction to the course, the school, and the external week activities;
  • Icebreaker activities;
  • Presentations of the participants’ schools;
  • Defining and introducing the main artist of the movement;
  • Introducing how Nancy is connected to this art movement.

Day 2 – Discovering Nancy

  • French breakfast in an authentic Art Nouveau style Brasserie: L’excelsior;
  • Walking tour of the city and discovering its history.

Day 3 – Art Nouveau in architecture and Naturalism

  • Learn about the Majorelle family;
  • Tour of the Villa Majorelle;
  • Visit the Museum of Ecole de Nancy;
  • Nancy international capital of Horticulture.

Day 4 – Daum, Art Nouveau in glass

  • Visit the Cristallerie Daum, and learn about glass blowing;
  • How glass is a predominant form of Art Nouveau.

Day 5 – Discovering an Art Nouveau neighborhood

  • Visit the Saurupt district and its park;
  • Visit the fine arts museum and its Art Nouveau collection;
  • See the old Emile Gallé’s factory.

Day 6 – Course closure and cultural activities

  • Course evaluation: round-up of acquired competencies, feedback, and discussion;
  • Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance;
  • Excursion and other external cultural activities.

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