21st Century Teacher (Europass Diploma)

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  • Activities: Our courses usually include two cultural activities. Further information is available on the page of each location.
  • Certificate: Certificate of Attendance guaranteed for participants who attend at least 80% of the course.
  • Lessons: Upon the decision of the course provider, classes take place in the Morning (9:00 – 14:00) or in the Afternoon (14:00 – 19:00).
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  • Price: 1400 €


We have designed the Europass Diploma “21st Century Teacher” for teachers who are looking for strategies to deal with the most critical limits of traditional education.

Today’s educators are indeed increasingly required to take care of each student’s individual needs, while economic crises and the multicultural turn of society are also differentiating the socio-cultural composition of their classes. In addition, significant changes in the traditional structure of families and society require them to leave their habitual role of experts in one academic subject to become active promoters of their students’ wellbeing as well as cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Learning outcomes

The Europass Diploma for the 21st Century Teacher will provide you with a deep understanding of, and effective training on a variety of educational tools and strategies to deal with these issues. In particular, it will increase your ability to:

  • raise your students’ motivation, and turn them into active learners;
  • manage conflicts or negative behaviour that may manifest in the classroom (e.g., bullying, marginalization);
  • include students with special needs or from different socio-cultural backgrounds in your courses;
  • maintain a nice atmosphere in your classroom;
  • manage your career, deal with stress and prevent burnout.

By achieving this diploma, you will feel more prepared to face challenges that may appear while working in the classroom, as well as to manage students’ education to 360 degrees, deeply and significantly.

Course details


  • Length: 4 weeks, 100 hours of lessons;
  • Price: 1400€;
  • Location: Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, and Florence;
  • Dates: on request;
  • 1-month study program with a weekly assessment of the learning progress.



  • Europass Diploma awarded at the end of the training, reporting the modules studied and the trainee’s final mark;
  • Certification of the learning outcomes according to the standards of the Europass Certificate Supplement;
  • Certification of the learning outcomes according to the standards of the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).

What are the Europass’ Diplomas?

While our one-week courses usually focus on specific topics and methodologies, the Europass Diploma is awarded after a one-month-long training course. In this time, participants will tackle the challenges and needs that they come across in their daily work, and master a whole set of strategies to manage them more successfully. By the end of the Diploma, they will have turned into real experts in the field selected for their training.

Because of the depth of the certified competence, taking a Europass Diploma is more demanding than following our one-week courses. While these simply provide a Certificate of Attendance, the Europass Diploma will assess the trainees’ individual learning at the end of each week, and award a final Certificate reporting their final mark. Good teachers are also curious students: are you ready to take up the challenge?

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