Call for KA2 Cooperation Partnership in Art & Digital Innovation

We are looking for 3 High Schools to submit a 2 Year Erasmus KA2 Project based on the development of innovative teaching methodologies on an Art Digital Platform.

Collaborating partners will implement ArtCentrica features in different ways, exchanging best practices and strategies.

More specifically, the high schools will involve pupils aged 15 – 16 to test the outcomes over the project piloting phase. During this phase, an Art Challenge will be introduced to win a final mobility in Florence.

The project will involve the following partners:  

  • ArtCentrica – Florence
  • 3 High Schools from different European countries
  • Europass SRL – Florence
  • European Academy of Creativity SL – Barcelona

About ArtCentrica

ArtCentrica is an innovative educational tool that enhances art learning in both classroom and remote environments.

It allows students to explore art in high resolution, access detailed textual information, compare artworks, and search for similar visual elements. The tool also offers features like virtual measurements, timeline-based research, and an interactive map.

Additionally, ArtCentrica enables customization of content, creation of interdisciplinary lessons and at-home activities, and allows users to add annotations on artworks.

It also supports the creation of virtual tours and includes engaging educational games like puzzles and the game of fifteen.


Applications are now open for High School from the Erasmus+ states except Italy and Spain.

Dealine to apply: 24/01/2024