Our Students

Who attended our courses in 2019?

Every year, Europass Teacher Academy welcomes participants from all over the world. More than 85% of course participants join us from other countries in Europe, but in the last few years, we have also welcomed participants from the USA, Japan, and other extra-European countries. 

Out of over 5.000 course participants in 2019, just over 40% attended courses in Florence, 20% in Barcelona, 20% in Dublin and 5% in Berlin.

Our participants come mainly from: 

  • Germany 11,2%
  • Spain 11,0%
  • Poland 8,4%
  • Portugal 6,5%
  • France 6,4%
  • Italy 6,4%
  • Hungary 5,8%
  • Bulgary 5,7%
  • Finland 5,3%
  • Greece 5,0%

The weekly number of course participants in each location never exceeds one hundred, which guarantees a friendly atmosphere with as much individual attention as possible.

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