Our students

Who attended our courses in 2018?

Every year Europass Teacher Academy welcomes participants from all over the world. The biggest component has always been the European one (more than 90%), but, during the last few years, we have welcomed always more participants from the USA, Japan and other extra-European countries. 

Out of over 3.000 teachers attending our courses in 2018, just over 50% attended courses in Florence, 18% attended in Barcelona, 17% in Dublin and 5% in Berlin.

Our participants come mainly from: 

  • Spain 11,5%
  • Poland 10,5%
  • Italy 8,3%
  • Germany 8,2%
  • Finland 6,7%
  • Romania 6,6%
  • Portugal 5,3%
  • Greece 5%
  • Hungary 3,1%
  • Bulgary 3%

The weekly number of teachers attending courses in each location never exceeds a hundred, which guarantees a friendly atmosphere with as much individual attention as possible throughout the year. 

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