EU-Team (Erasmus+ Project 2022-2025)

The goal and the target

Raising EU citizens’ understanding of the European Union – particularly among young people – still represents a crucial issue in shaping the Union’s future. This project will address this issue by creating several opportunities for training for school teachers and VET providers (ISCED I-V). Thus, the project aims to reach European school teachers and their students to increase their understanding of a variety of EU subjects (e.g., EU institutions, values, and history).

The project

During the project’s 3 years, we will create 6 freely accessible Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on EU issues and how to introduce them in the classroom with innovative teaching methodologies (CLIL, Game-Based Learning, Collaborative Learning, DEBATE, and inclusive Multicultural Classroom), and train online at least 2000 school teachers.

Moreover, we will provide face-to-face training to at least 144 European school teachers in 12 one-week training courses on the same topics as the digital training. At the end of the training, participants will create a lesson plan on their subject focusing on EU issues and innovative teaching methodologies.

We will upload all created lesson plans in a digital database, freely accessible to all online users, thus contributing to providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ of resources for teachers on EU matters containing many proposals for classroom activities.

The outcome

We will exploit its far-reaching professional communication channels to spread the word about the project. It will also request all the teachers receiving face-to-face training to organize multiplier events once back at their home school, and engage its wide network of Associated Partners to disseminate the project’s activities in a cost-effective way.

By providing (direct or indirect) training to more than 6’000 teachers and 16 VET organizations, the project, therefore, hopes to make a significant contribution to enhance international cooperation between different schools and VET providers and expects to raise awareness about the EU Institutions and their rights and duties as European citizens in at least 80’000 European students.